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Welcome To GESTCO

Green Energy Science and Technology Company (GESTCO) at a glance

Green Energy Science and Technology Company is established in 2011 at Fars Science and Technology Park (Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Technology Incubator). It is among very few companies under Technology Incubator protocol that has managed to provide credentials necessary to be considered knowledge-based by Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology. The credentials have been audited and the knowledge-based certificate is awarded.

Development and commercialization of technologies for chemical industries are the main goals persuaded by GESTCO. The ever increasing attention toward environmental issues and renewable sources of energy is the reason for GESTCO to also focus on relevant technologies. As such, advanced wastewater treatment processes and bioethanol production have been included in GESTCO portfolio. The two active engineering projects that are being managed by GESTCO are on wastewater system optimization and environmental field for Bandar Emam Petrochemical Co. and Shiraz Municipality respectively.